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GM and GM2

Price: £159.00
Editor(s): Alison Bloomer
GM2 is a series of specialised journals covering age-related disease areas. Also includes a year's subscription to the GM journal.

GM2 is a series of journals focusing on a specific disease area with particular relevance to those treating the 50+ patient.

GM2 is brought to you by the publishing team behind GM journal, so articles undergo the same stringent peer review process, overseen by an editorial board of leading physicians in each specialist area.

This combined subscription includes a full year's subscription to the monthly GM journal plus at least two issues of GM2.

Recent issues of GM2 have focused on:

Heart and Diabetes, tackling cardiac and circulatory diseases as well as type 2 diabetes.

Neurology and psychiatry, exploring common neurological problems associated with ageing, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Oncology, focusing on a range of cancers and highly relevant to those treating the 50+ patient due to the increasing incidence of almost all cancers with age.

Gender, looking at specific issues relating to both men’s and women’s health. Topics such as prostate cancer, menopausal disorders and urinary incontinence are featured.

GM2 and GM are read by doctors and GPs who have an interest in age-related illnesses, commissioners, CCGs, medical professors, geriatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, senior nurses and other hospital doctors.
ISSN: 2054-3646
Content: This subscription includes:

GM journal includes news about clinical advances, new guidelines, developmental therapies, licensed treatments, non-drug interventions.

GM2 focuses on specific disease areas prevalent in the 50+ patient, including heart and diabetes.

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