presents for social workersWith the holiday season fast approaching, we’ve prepared a list of our top gift ideas for social workers. Whether you’re buying for a friend, family member or colleague in the sector, we’ve got suggestions suitable for all budgets.

The perfect bag

This is one for the social worker who spends a lot of time out of the office visiting clients or going to appointments.

If they’re cycling or relying on public transport, consider the weight of the bag you choose. Heavy leather briefcases may look just the ticket, but if they’re going to be hauling it all over town they’ll appreciate something fairly lightweight that can be worn across the body if needs be.

If you’re choosing a gift for a social worker who already has a favourite trusty work bag but is prone to ‘losing’ their keys or phone in its depths, consider a bag organiser instead. Often made of canvas, these handy inserts have multiple pockets or sections to keep the contents of a bag tidy and readily accessible.

Spa gift certificate or treat day

Social workers spend a lot of their time thinking of others – it’s the nature of the role. This means that self-care is extra important in terms of maintaining a work-life balance and not becoming run down.

A visit to a spa will give the recipient an incentive to set aside some time for themselves to really relax and unwind. Opting for a gift certificate also gives them the chance to select the kind of treatment they’re comfortable with – not everyone is into mud masks!

If they’re really not the spa type, try a different variety of treat such as afternoon tea or tickets to a show. This gift is all about giving the recipient some time out from their busy job.

Business card holder

If you’re looking for a small gift, a business card holder is ideal. Available in all different colours and finishes, it’s a chance to choose something that really reflects the recipient’s personality.

Whether you opt for a fun, patterned holder or a sleek leather and steel design, a business card holder is both practical and personal. Looking to make the gift more special? Consider a monogrammed version.

Portable phone charger

We’ve all been there: it’s mid-afternoon, your phone is low on juice, and you can only cross your fingers and hope it holds out long enough for that essential call you need to make later on. Should you turn it off to conserve battery, or leave it on in case of emergencies?

Nowadays, we rely on our smartphones for more than just calls and texts. A person’s phone can also be their diary, their watch, and even their bus ticket. For social workers who spend a lot of their time out and about at appointments, a dead mobile phone battery can turn a challenging day into an impossible one.

A portable phone charger isn’t the most glamorous gift, but it’s one they’ll be grateful for on those occasions when they’d otherwise be in a real bind. Just be sure to choose a generic model or one that’s specifically designed for their device.

Snack boxes

As with a journal subscription, a snack box delivered to the office at regular intervals is a gift that the recipient will appreciate anew each time it arrives. If you know a social worker who is so busy they sometimes skip meals, or perhaps end up eating sweets mid-afternoon because they lack an easy healthier alternative, snack boxes are a convenient and fun solution.

There are several companies providing this service in the UK, and most will let you specify the number and frequency of deliveries. Snacks available range from indulgent – ideal for a monthly delivery – to super healthy, and you can even find suppliers that will cater to special requirements like a gluten-free or vegan diet.

Like any of these suggestions? Have any gift ideas of your own? Share them with our readers by leaving a comment below.




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