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Exploring Children’s Rights

Second edition

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Exploring Children's Rights (2nd edition) explores the historical development of this complex issue via a challenging and informative training exercise.
Author(s): Peter Jenkins

Exploring Children’s Rights introduces key ideas about children’s rights in England and Wales by means of a participative activity, or exercise, that can be used for groups or individuals. It has been created using the author’s own experience of leading training sessions on children’s rights.

This extensively revised 2nd edition equips a group facilitator to lead sessions in:

  • types of children’s rights
  • power issues in relation to children’s rights 
  • the historical development of children’s rights
  • current and past law on children’s rights.

It offers three versions of the exercise: a group discussion version (1 hour 20mins), a case histories version (1 hour 50mins) and an individual activity (1 hour).

The training will be of interest to anyone who wishes to introduce the complex issue of children’s rights in an informative and challenging way. It is particularly relevant to teachers and trainers in the fields of education, health and social work, but is designed for use by anyone who works with children and young people and who has a real concern for promoting their rights.

ISBN: 9781908993298
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd
Publication: 22 February 2013
Content: Part 1: How to use this pack; Part 2: How to use the rights cards; Part 3: Background information; Part 4: Resources and references; Appendices
Peter Jenkins is a lecturer in counselling at Manchester University. Peter has been running training workshops on children’s rights for 20 years. He has a particular interest in the rights of children and young people to confidential counselling and has co-written a book on the subject with Debbie Daniels – Therapy with Children:Children’s rights, confidentiality and the law.