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  • Pavilion ebooks frequently asked questions

    You can access a number of Pavilion books as PDF ebooks, epubs and for Kindle, giving you the convenience to learn and teach on the move. 

    We've put together a list of frequently asked questions to make using Pavilion books as PDF ebooks, epubs and for Kindle as easy as possible. If you don't find answers to your questions here and have any problems with the ordering of ebooks, please email

  • Formats and compatibility

    Do Pavilion ebooks work on all eReaders?
    As there are new devices being produced all the time, it is impossible to guarantee compatibility of all makes and models of eReader. However, the majority of eReaders will work with our ebooks. Generally, .epub and ePDF formats can be read on any device except Kindle. The .mobi format, which is Amazon’s Kindle format, can only be read on Kindle readers.

    What are the ebook file type options?
    If you want to read an ebook, your eReader device or application must be compatible with both the file format and the DRM (Digital Rights Management) format of the ebook. You will need the free Adobe Digital Editions in order to download and read epub and ePDF files. PDF stands for Portable Document File. As its name implies, the document can be read on many different devices. The text and graphics in the document are fixed to the page much like a physical document. epub stands for Electronic Publication. The content of this is ‘reflowable’, meaning that the document displayed can be optimised for the device it is being displayed on, much like a web page on a computer. This is usually the preferred option for an ebook. Enhanced epub and ePDF, with embedded multi-media content can currently only be used in iBooks on the iPad. Mobi formats can be read on all Kindle devices, or you can download the free Kindle app for PC or Mac.

    Can I print off copies from an ebook download?
    Due to DRM the option to print is limited and the owner of the ebook may be able to print several pages of certain titles, where printing is required, but you will be unable to print a full hard copy of an ebook you have purchased online. ebooks are generally designed to be read on your PC or eReader.


  • Purchasing and downloading

    How do I purchase an ebook?
    For epub and ePDF purchases, click on the format you would like to purchase. You will be directed to our ebook selling partner purchases, click on the .mobi format and you will be directed to the Amazon website. 

    Can I return an ebook?
    ebooks cannot be returned once they have been downloaded onto a PC or eReader. Refunds for ebooks cannot be provided.
  • Who to contact for help

    If you're not happy with your purchase or if it is faulty, please contact whoever you bought it from.

    For ebook purchases from
    In the first instance check Hive’s ebook help page:

    Email Hive directly at, or call on 0845 67 20020:
    Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm
    Saturday 9am – 5.30pm

    Please make sure you include as much detail as possible eg:

    > Hive order number
    > ebook ISBN or title
    > A clear description of the problem
    > Details of any error messages
    > The ebook bookshelf software that you are using
    > The device that you are trying to move the ebook onto.

    For ebook purchases from Amazon contact Amazon directly.

    Digital content aggregators – for library and institutional sales and rentals
    Large organisations, academic and specialist libraries, information management units, universities etc. can purchase or rent digital Pavilion books directly from the following content aggregators and digital library suppliers:

    • MyiLibrary (Ingram)
    • DawsonEra (Dawson)
    • Ebrary (ProQuest)
    • Ebsco
    • Gardners Digital Warehouse