1 February is National Dignity Action Day, which aims to encourage health and social care workers to promote dignity in their place of work and also asks members of the public to promote dignity for people in their communities.

Dignity in care

Dignity is about how people feel, think and behave in relation to the idea of being valued and receiving ethical treatment. To treat someone with dignity is to treat them with respect, value and worth as an individual. A person’s wellbeing is the centre of the care they receive, and if this is without dignity it can have a profound effect on their welfare.

National Dignity Action Day does a fantastic job of raising awareness of dignity and how it is understood, translated and upheld in services or organisations that provide care. It is a conversation we need to be having so we can move away from fear and towards dignity for all.

Dignity as compassion

Pavilion author Andy Brady is a committed ambassador of dignity and compassion and he campaigns extensively on the ‘deeply human’ issue. Watch Andy’s inspiring and profoundly touching TED talk, in which he discusses how his experiences with the elderly have helped him to better understand how we can provide compassionate care within our institutions.

We’ve been championing dignity and compassion in healthcare ever since we started publishing for this sector, and we will continue to do so until people receive the kind of dignified respect that they deserve, when they are at their most vulnerable.

Have a look at some of our favourite training resources on dignity, compassion and values and see how you can transform your service. It needn’t be scary or daunting to make changes to the quality of care people receive.

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