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Digital Literacies

Research and Resources in Language Teaching

Price: £25.99
This exciting book walks English language teachers and teacher trainers through everything digital, from understanding what hardware and software they might need, to developing a secure digital profile. 
Author(s): Nickly Hockly, Gavin Dudley and Associate Professor Mark Pegrum
The impact of new technologies on language learning is enormous and rapidly changing requiring both educators and students to acquire new skills. Digital Literacies walks English language teachers and teacher trainers through everything digital, from understanding what hardware and software they might need; and how ELT students can find, trust and use information; developing a digital profile and safety concerns. There is an extensive section with digital activities, from blogging and understanding how to use avatars, right through to basic html. The authors also discuss implementing this in the classroom and how to translate digital activity into research.
This book is for English language teachers and teacher trainers who need support in understanding the ever-changing digital landscape.
ISBN: 9781408296899
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication: 11 April 2013
Content: 1. From research to implications; 2. From implications to application; 3. From application to implementation; 4. From implementation to research

Nicky Hockly is a teacher and teacher trainer based in Barcelona, Spain. She started teaching in 1987, and is now the co-director of an online educational and training consultancy called The Consultants-E, working in the area of online teacher training and online course design. Nicky has many writing credits, including a regular column for English Teaching professional magazine.

Gavin Dudeney has worked in education for the past 24 years, as a teacher, materials developer, IT manager and web/user interface designer. Until the end of 2003 he held two posts: the first as Head of the New Technologies Department at International House Barcelona and the second as Lead Developer for the online training centre Net Languages. In 2003 he set up The Consultants-E with Nicky Hockly, and he is the author of several publications, both in print and online.

Mark Pegrum is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Australia, where he teaches mainly in the area of e-learning. His teaching has been recognised through Faculty and University Excellence in Teaching Awards, as well as a 2010 national Australian Learning & Teaching Council (ALTC) Excellence in Teaching Award. His research focuses on the increasing integration of web 2.0 and mobile technologies into everyday life.