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Dementia Awareness

A Care Quality Guide for health and social care staff and carers

Price: £5.95
The Dementia Awareness Care Quality Guide helps frontline staff learn about the key facts of practice in dementia and work towards relevant qualifications.
Author(s): David Moore and Kirsty Jones

The Dementia Awareness Care Quality Guide aims to help health and social care staff and carers refresh, develop or extend their learning in key areas of practice. 

If you are new to working with this client group, or are in a new role, you can use this guide to quickly develop the knowledge you need, and where appropriate, work towards a relevant qualification.

If you are a more experienced worker, you can use the guide to refresh your learning, meet the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) standards for Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

If you are a manager, you can use the guide with staff in the context of supervision and CPD, and to contribute towards meeting Care Quality Commission (CQC)and HCPC standards.

This guide also provides underpinning knowledge for Qualifications and Credit Framework QCF unit DEM 201: Dementia awareness, and the thinking and practice activities can contribute to evidence of learning.

The guide also includes a short, illuminating film, Understanding the Experience of Dementia, in which people with dementia and their carers talk about their experiences of living with dementia, which can help staff and carers understand how people with dementia can be supported in a positive and meaningful way. Members of the HOPE group and their carers talk about living with dementia and the supports they have valued.

Managers or providers of health and social care services, frontline social care workers, workforce development managers, family carers of people with dementia.
ISBN: 9781908993304
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media
Publication: 01 October 2012
Content: Section 1: What is dementia?; Section 2: Models of dementia; Section 3: The most common types of dementia; Section 4: The individual’s experience of dementia

David Moore is a senior lecturer for the Association for Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester. Before joining the University of Worcester, David worked at West Sussex County Council where he was involved in developing self-directed support and service involvement for people with dementia. Prior to this he worked as the chief assessor for a national qualification in dementia care. David has also managed a number of services for people with dementia as well as working for Dementia Care Matters for four years. David has a BSc and MSc in Health Psychology and is a qualified Dementia Care Mapper.

Kirsty Jones is a training and development officer for the adults’ services training department at West Sussex County Council. She has predominately worked within domiciliary care, supporting people with dementia to live in their own homes. Kirsty has worked as a training and development officer at West Sussex County Council for five years and during this time she has trained to become a qualified dementia care mapper and been responsible for the implementation of dementia care mapping within day services across West Sussex. Kirsty is a qualified QCF assessor and is currently studying at diploma level in person-centred dementia care.