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CareKnowledge Study Day: Working Together to Better Protect and Safeguard Children

A study day for social care professionals addressing topical issues relevant to current practice

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Price: From £99.00 excl. VAT
Date: 27 March 2019
Venue: King's House Conference Centre, Manchester

Brought to you by CareKnowledge, this CPD-accredited study day will focus on key issues in child protection and safeguarding.

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CareKnowledge subscriber: £99 + VAT £89 + VAT 

All other delegates: £125 + VAT £115 + VAT 

About this study day

Children who need help and protection deserve high quality and effective support as soon as a need is identified. This CPD-accredited study day brings you the opportunity to hear from experts on the latest research, policy and practice issues, and will contribute to your ongoing professional development in this critically important service area.

Brought to you by CareKnowledge, this study day is designed for professionals with responsibilities in child protection and/or safeguarding. 

Objectives of this study day:

  • Delegates will understand the main implications that the updated guidance in Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) has for their practice, and explore how they can implement changes
  • Delegates will understand why it can be so difficult for abused children to speak out, and learn about approaches that may help professionals to better support children in disclosing their experience of abuse
  • Delegates will have the opportunity to hear about recent research into child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation, and how this can inform their practice
  • Delegates will learn about building safety into relationships and how to ensure a trauma-informed response to assessment
  • Delegates within the social care sector who are required to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) will be able to gain 4 CPD points from their attendance. 


About CareKnowledge 

CareKnowledge is a well established and popular online platform providing access to expert evidence-based information across the whole spectrum of social work practice; from child protection to dementia, mental health, learning disability and everything in between. CareKnowledge supports essential professional workforce development for adults’ and children’s social care to over 20,000 social care staff.

In response to reader demand, CareKnowledge is launching a series of one day events focusing on specific areas of practice. Working Together to Better Protect and Safeguard Children is the first of these events.

This study day will be relevant to: 

Social Workers
Newly Qualified Social Workers
Principal Social Workers
Practitioners in residential care
Directors of Children’s Services
Directors and managers responsible for safeguarding children
Children’s centre workers
Children’s support workers
Early help teams
Family Intervention teams
Family Placement Social Workers
Family Practitioners
Family Support Workers
Foster Carers
Heads of Service
Looked after children’s teams
Practice Educators
Practice leads
Practice Managers
Safeguarding and Quality Assurance teams
Senior Practitioners
Supervising Social Workers
Team Managers
Police involved in public protection, prevention of child exploitation and prevention and policing of domestic violence and abuse.

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  • Jim Kennedy

    Jim Kennedy is the editor of CareKnowledge, and has worked in the social care field for over 30 years. He initially trained and practised as a local authority social worker/probation officer in Scotland. His subsequent career includes experience as a fieldwork supervisor, social work manager, several years as an Inspector and Assistant Chief Inspector in SSI, and then as national policy lead for disabled people within the Department of Health. After a two-year assignment as Head of Social Affairs and Health at LGA, he has been Editor of CareKnowledge since 2005.
  • Siobhan Pyburn

    Siobhan has lived experience of child sexual abuse from which she suffered at a very young age, until she managed to disclose and report it aged 15. Following a lengthy court process, her father was found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison in 2007, then released early. She wants to ensure that no child today feels like they can’t tell anyone if they’re being abused at home, or anywhere else. For this, we need a deeper understanding of the reasons why children find it so tremendously difficult to speak out, and how we might support them. She first shared her story in public at age 17, when she created a video project with Fixers which was aired on TV. The response was phenomenal and showed her how valuable spoken testimony is to those who still suffer. It was the start of a path that would lead her to winning two national awards for ‘exceptional community impact’ and feeling very resolved about her own experiences. She grew up thinking it was all her fault. Society helped her to think otherwise, but there are still many, many children who feel silenced by shame. She’s here to change that.
  • Professor Nick Frost

    Professor Nick Frost is Professor of Social Work (Childhood, children and families), a post he has held since 2007. Nick is active in research, consultancy, teaching and writing in relation to child welfare. Nick researches and writes widely in relation to childhood, multi-disciplinary work, children in care, family support and safeguarding. He is an active teacher, researcher, author and consultant. Since 2010 Nick has been the Independent Chair of Bradford Safeguarding Children Board and has been a qualified and registered social worker and practised professionally for 15 years. He has acted as a keynote speaker at regional, national and internationals conferences on child welfare and professional learning.
  • Katie Wrench

    Katie Wrench is a HCPC registered social worker and art psychotherapist, living and working in West Yorkshire. She is currently working as a Team Manager at the Therapeutic Social Work Team in Leeds. Katie has worked for over twenty years with children in care and children who have been adopted from care and continues to provide consultation and training to frontline social care practitioners, adoptive parents and foster carers around life story work and other areas of social work and fostering/adoption practice across the UK. Katie has written two highly accessible books entitled Life Story Work with Children who are Fostered or Adopted: Creative Ideas and Activities, (Wrench & Naylor 2013) and Helping Vulnerable Children and Adolescents to Stay Safe. Creative Ideas and Activities for Building Protective Behaviours (Wrench, 2016) that are full of tried and tested creative activities for professionals, parents and foster carers who may have little time and experience of direct work and limited resources. Her latest book, Creative Ideas for Assessing Vulnerable Children and Families will be published in June 2018.
  • Dr Geraldine Brady

    Dr Geraldine Brady is a Reader in Sociology of Childhood and Youth at Coventry University. Her research takes a sociological approach to understanding social issues, she researches and publishes in the areas of teenage pregnancy and motherhood, sexual consent, child sexual abuse and exploitation, children’s mental health and disability and childhood inequalities. She also reflects on the ethics and politics of research with children and young people and aims to influence the development of socially just policy and practice approaches.

King's House Conference Centre
Sidney Street
M1 7HB