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Care Certificate Induction Answer Book Residential Care

A Care Certificate model answer book for those assessing the competence of Care Assistants

Price: £195.00
A Care Certificate model answer book produced by Independent Lives for those assessing the competence of Care Assistants.
Author(s): Independent Lives

To be used in conjunction with the Care Certificate Induction Workbook - A Workbook to help you when starting work as a Care Assistant.

If you are a residential care professional then the Residential Care: Care Certificate Answers Book provides you with practical examples, tips and guidance on what to consider, as well as clear signposting to legislation.

The Residential Care: Care Certificate Answers Book is designed to enable you to confidently complete the Care Certificate, or for managers to support their employees.

Produced and used in practice by the award-winning disability charity, Independent Lives. 

Independent Lives has developed this Care Certificate Answers Book to assist Care Assistants working in residential homes.
ISBN: 9780995503045
Publisher: Independent Lives

Independent Lives provides a range of support services for disabled people, those with care needs and caring responsibilities to enable them to lead full, active and independent lives. Our core work focuses on providing a Direct Payments support service to help people arrange and manage their own personalised care and support.

We also work to give disabled people a voice on the issues that are important to them by raising awareness, challenging misconceptions and influencing policy, so that together we can break down barriers and work towards a society where disabled people and carers have the same opportunities as everyone else.