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British Journal of Family Medicine

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Editor(s): Robert Mair
The British Journal of Family Medicine is a fresh, practical journal for today's busy GPs, sharing best practice and the latest clinical developments.

The British Journal of Family Medicine focuses on the array of medical challenges presented by families with children of all ages. It aims to be informative but not didactic, progressive but pertinent, reader-friendly but challenging. 

Published every other month, BJFM is a must-read for GPs, keeping you up to date with new developments in clinical medicine and primary care delivery.

BJFM is a practical-focused journal for the modern GP, providing updates on the latest developments in clinical medicine and an opportunity to share in best practice solutions.

All clinical articles in BJFM are written by experts and are subject to stringent peer review to ensure accuracy, relevance and currency. A self-audit element – the BJFM ‘Before and After Challenge’ – is also included to maximise educational value and help readers with appraisal and revalidation.

BJFM covers a wide range of topics, including:
• Diagnosis
• Disease management
• Up-to-date clinical advances and round-ups of new-to-market pharmaceuticals
• Referral protocols and guidelines
• Developmental therapies
• Non-drug interventions
• Multidisciplinary best practice.

Our website is also packed with news and features.

BJFM is read by doctors and GPs working with families, commissioners, and those working for CCGs.
ISSN: 2052-8728
Content: The British Journal of Family Medicine covers a wide range of topics relevant to general practice, including diagnosis and disease management, clinical advances and therapeutics, referral protocols, developmental therapies, non-drug interventions, multidisciplinary best practice, guidelines and technology appraisals.
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