Staying Safe full book viewMarie Walsh and Geraldine Cregg, psychologists working with adults with high support needs, have developed the Personal Development, Relationships and Staying Safe: a training pack for staff supporting adults with intellectual disabilities, high support and complex needs in response to the Ryan Report (2009). The development of this training programme was part of the Brothers of Charity, Galway Strategic Plan 2007-2012 and the focus of the programme is on the key workers who support adults with severe to profound levels of intellectual disability.
The programme is delivered via the support of frontline staff members and also adopts a ‘train the trainer’ approach.

Learning takes place in the context of the individual’s everyday life.

The programme is comprised of four modules:

Module 1: Self Awareness and Self identity
Module 2: Relationships
Module 3: Staying Safe and Minimising Risk
Module 4: Sexual Expression.

Each module includes learning about the topic and how to facilitate learning. At the end of each module an individualised programme for the individual is devised using the goal sheets, to prioritise areas for the individual, based on the information they have gained throughout the module. A number of scenarios are provided, designed to help identify the many ways the individual could be helped to develop awareness and practical knowledge on the four modules.

The main aims of the Personal Development, Relationships and Staying Safe programme are:

• to increase staff and individuals awareness, understanding and knowledge of the subject.
• provide staff with practical skills to help individuals who use intellectual disability services to learn about this topic.
• to increase individuals/staff awareness and minimise risk and vulnerability in daily living.

There is a strong emphasis on group interaction throughout the training programme and theoretical concepts are applied to the individuals for whom this training is delivered via:

• exercises
• discussions
• setting individualised goals.

Goals are reviewed annually and barrier forms are completed if goals can not be achieved. This training continues to be delivered at the Brothers of Charity Services, Galway with staff who work with adults who present with severe/profound Intellectual Disability and complex needs.

Marie Walsh, psychologist and co-author of the new training resource from Pavilion Publishing Personal Development, Relationships and Staying safe: a training pack for staff supporting adults with intellectual disabilities, high support and complex needs

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