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Adult learner heroes

includes ETpedia Business English and ETpedia

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If you teach English language to adult learners, this dynamic duo is for you. The original ETpedia brings you 1000 ideas for teaching English language, and David Riley Award winner ETpedia Business English adds another 500 with a workplace focus.
Author(s): John Hughes and Robert McLarty

ETpedia Business English

John Hughes and Robert McLarty

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ETpedia Business English is every business English teacher's complete encyclopaedia, with 500 tips and ideas to help you get the most out of your students.

The second title in the popular ETpedia series, this volume is designed to save busy Business English teachers time with all resources clearly and easily referenced in one book. The simple layout of 50 units makes it easy to find what you are looking for and to use the resource according to your need, interest or level of experience.

ETpedia Business English is the winner of the 2016 David Riley Award for Innovation in Business and ESP, an award that recognises creativity and excellence in ELT. The adjudicator of the award said:

‘The decision to award ETpedia Business English the prize was a unanimous one. By bringing together a collection of ideas, tips, tools and techniques for the business English teacher, ETpedia Business English looks set to become the one-stop handbook, invaluable not only for new teachers but also for experienced teachers who can dip into it whenever they are looking for fresh inspiration. Congratulations to everyone involved in the creation of ETpedia Business English.’



John Hughes

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ETpedia is an essential resource for those who teach English as a second or foreign language, providing 1000 tips and ideas for your teaching practice.

The original ETpedia provides novice teachers and those who are in the early years of their careers with 1,000 creative tips, techniques, questions, thoughts and ideas on common teaching and classroom issues. More experienced teachers will benefit from a wealth of fresh inspiration and lifesaving resources on hand for when they need them most.

Each section covers a different aspect of teaching and offers a selection of 10 tips or pointers to aid and inspire practice. The content covers preparation and planning, classroom management, lesson topics, speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, teaching contexts, and further development.

A flexible and adaptable resource, it can be dipped into or read cover to cover as preparation for a first teaching job. The layout and wide margins allow space for writing notes about how the materials were used or adapted.

ETpedia can be used with all levels and ages and for one-to-one or classroom teaching. 

This duo is ideal for anyone teaching English language to adults, including: Business English teachers, novice ELT teachers, ELT student teachers (including TKT, CELTA, Cert TESOL, DELTA, Diploma in TESOL), ELT teacher trainers, and ELT materials writers.

ETpedia Business English

ISBN: 978-1-911028-20-8
Publication: 13 April 2016
What is Business English?
Preparation and planning
Activities for business topics
Business communication skills
Business language skills
Further development and more ideas


ISBN: 9781910366134
Publication: 13 November 2014
Preparation and planning
In the classroom
Teaching contexts
Further development.
John Hughes taught his first Business English class in Poland in 1993. He then worked as a Business English teacher at language schools, in universities, and for companies including Gucci, Deloitte, and Fiat.

John has managed Business English departments in Poland and Italy, carrying out language audits and needs analysis, course design, and assessment. He has trained many teachers from all over the world to work in the field of Business English, including training courses leading to the LCCI First Certificate in Teaching Business English qualification.

He has been the author and co-author on many Business English course books. He regularly gives talks on different English Language Teaching topics at international teacher’s conferences and in online webinars. He also writes for journals including English Teaching professional and Modern English Teacher.

Robert McLarty is the Editor of Modern English Teacher magazine and also has many years experience in teaching and writing books for Business English and English for Academic purposes.

Robert taught his first Business English class at International House, Hastings in 1979. Since then he has run Business English schools in Paris, Oxford and Hastings, teaching, designing courses, recruiting and training teachers and developing new products.

Robert has co-authored Business English books including Business Basics, Quick Work and Business Focus (Oxford University Press). He has conceptualised and published a wide range of Business English course books including Business Result, Skills for Business Studies, Business one:one, Successful Presentations and Successful Meetings (Oxford University Press).

Robert also regularly gives talks on Business English, writes materials and articles and is Principal Tutor at the Oxford Teachers’ Academy.