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A Good Death Guide 1

Information about getting older and dying for people with learning disabilities

Price: £9.95
An easy read resource to help people with learning disabilities understand end of life choices, dying and death.
Author(s): Surrey Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
More and more people with learning disabilities are living into older age and having to understand the implications of getting ill and dying. This simple resource has been designed to help carers and staff talk to people with learning disabilities about illness, end of life choices, dying and death in a simple and straightforward way.
This guide is aimed at carers and staff working with individuals with learning disabilities at the end of their life.
ISBN: 9781908993359
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd
Publication: 12 November 2012
Content: Getting older; What is death?; What makes people die?; If you get very ill; When you are very ill; My things; My body; My funeral; Buried or cremated; When someone you know dies.