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A Concise Grammar for Teachers of English

Price: £16.95

Acclaimed as the grammar course for initial training in ELT, and an excellent quick reference for practising teachers.
Author(s): Tony Penston
A Concise Grammer for English Language Teachers deals clearly and concisely with problem areas commonly encountered by teachers of ESOL. It includes teaching notes and practical suggestions and shows how  to prepare properly for a grammar class and to then teach the lesson.
This book is aimed at all English language teachers who need a practical guide to teaching grammar in the classroom.
ISBN: 9780953132317
Publisher: Penston Publications
Publication: 16 November 2005
Content: 1. The simple sentence and its parts; 2. Verb tenses 1; 3. Verb tenses 2; 4. Verb tenses 3; 5. Nouns; 6. Quantifiers; 7. Pronouns; 8. Adjectives; 9. Adverbs; 10. Degrees of comparison; 11. The passive; 12. Irregular verbs; 13. Modal auxiliary verbs; 14. Phrasal verbs; 15. Questions; 16. Clauses; 17. Reported speech; 18. Relative clauses; 19. Conditionals; 20. The infintive and -ing form; 21. The articles; 22. Discourse markers; 23. Negation; 24. Concord (agreement); 25. Genetive (possessive) case; 26. Recognition test; 27. Error analysis
Tony Penston has extensive teaching experience and is now owner of TP Publications.